Meet the Graduate Student Council

Vahan KhachatryanVahan Khachatryan (LL.M.1st year) – Vice-president, AUA Chess Club director, Sports Club director

Hi, as you all may already know, Student Council is called on to solve number of issues of the students (e.g. issues concerning exams, schedules, timetables and other common problems) or propose resolutions for those, give answers to any bothering question conceived by students, devise mini projects (cognitive, informative, etc.) during the whole year.

Moreover, GSC should encourage students to plan their study better, in aftermath of which they will get most out of their education. Simply put, Student Council should realize its important role in student life and try to support students in ANY difficult case. So, I think that I am the one who knows these skills and can provide all these important elements.


Varak Sisserian- Secretary

Armen PirumyanArmen Pirumyan (FTMBA 2nd year)- Treasurer

I have graduated from Armenian State University of Economics and I have learned many valuable skills and lessons. However, for me, AUA is far more than an educational institution. It is a community with a great culture where creativity and freedom of thought are highly encouraged.  That’s why I have decided to become a member of the Graduate Student Council and to contribute to AUA’s great community. 




Anna MkrtchyanAnna Mkrtchyan (TEFL 1st year)- Public Relations Coordinator

As a Graduate Student Council member one of my objectives is to give students a voice. By getting involved in every aspect of university life, I try to promote ideas referring the needs of students. I conceive, that being a Graduate Student Council specifies not only more opportunities, privileges but also responsibilities, hence, I do my best to settle all the upcoming challenges and obstacles by all means. Also I am a good team member, and I get along very well with others. In my subjective perception, being a good role model involves consideration towards every student.

Ani GharibianAni Gharibian (MSE 1st year)- Campus-Wide Events Director

During this year at AUA I have met and connected with great students with innovative ideas and insights through my classes and academic events, and in my opinion communication between these students and faculty is necessary for a University to function as a whole. As I have noticed the majority of the student body enjoyed the events that were created during this year and there were also students who thought there could be some improvements. As graduate students, most of us do not have enough time to take care of the issues related to the University’s academic events, therefore creating a strong connection between the outstanding student body and the Student Council has a great importance to be able to apply the ideas of students for the ongoing events of the campus. I will help to continue, improve and recreate these events and to ensure that the Student Council will serve the student body by representing every single student that wants to share his/her ideas at AUA.



Arshavir VoskanyanArshavir Voskanyan (CIS 2nd year)- AUA official website’s “Graduate Student Council” menu Editor

My profession is web-programmer. I take responsibility to develop, maintain, and modify the AUA website Graduate Student Council section. I am naturally an active person. I like sports and believe that life is not something that by itself has a meaning; it is something we give meaning to. Everyday when I wake up in the morning I give myself a question “how would I really enjoy spending my life?” and try to evaluate my lifetime everyday. Thank you.



Lorik Keshish HartounLorik Keshish Hartoun (TEFL 2nd year)- Elections Coordinator

I have taught different communicative and content-based courses to adults, as well as youngsters at EEC (Experimental English Courses) and the Women Resource Center. My professional interests include sex equality and women empowerment. As part of my capstone project I designed a content-based English course called: ‘Women, Power, Voice and Choice: An English-Oriented Course’. I piloted this course at the Society Without Violence Center to young adults. It has been almost two years since I have moved to Armenia from Iran. I am very excited and motivated to contribute to activities and projects, which will bring greater opportunities to Armenian citizens. I hope that we will achieve the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations in the near future and live in peace and equity.

Arpine HakhinyanArpine Hakhinyan (PSIA 2nd year)- AUA Eco Club director

“Being a member of Graduate Student Council is a huge responsibility, but it is also a very exciting experience. Being an organized person who likes to work with the team will make our cooperation even more productive. 

I think that environment needs special treatment, which is not always there. Every human being should realize the importance of protection of our planet, and should take his/her part of responsibility. We can start from our AUA community changing our attitude towards the nature and become a part of a greater community, which does not take the treasures of our planet for granted. I believe that even small changes will make a difference and future generations will be able to enjoy all the benefits and beauty of our home- Earth.



Ani SakhlyanAni Sakhlyan (CIS 1st year)- Movie Club Director

There is nothing special about me. I just like watching good movies, as almost all the people do. So I would try to coordinate Movie Club to make it more useful for all of us. Thank you for your confidence in me.




Lilit HarutyunyanLilit Harutyunyan- Arts Club director

I am an art enthusiast since childhood, and Art plays very important role in my life. It generates strong sentiments and gives important messages to everyone to understand ourselves and life around us. Like the saying suggests Earth without art is just “EH”.

For many students it is difficult during the busy period of classes to find time for art. However, I will try to do my best to make students closer to art. As art is a diverse phenomenon which can be found in various forms of human activities, I think that increased collaboration between Arts Club and other clubs of GSC will help to achieve more fruitful results in that regard.