About the Student Council

The AUA Student Council (SC) takes on the responsibility of representing the entire AUA student body. Its mission is to voice the concerns, needs, aims and wishes of all the students. AUA students need to feel that their areas of interest are taken into consideration. In addition, the SC is responsible for building and maintaining the AUA spirit through organizing various activities, planning student events, conducting student orientations, helping solve problems during studies as well as fund raising for its activities.

The SC policy is rooted in the understanding that together students can do greater and better things. Therefore, we try to raise the students’ motivation to get involved in various activities and programs that benefit the entire student body. We believe that student input can strengthen and improve various programs organized at the AUA, for each student can bring new ideas and energy.

Another important thing is that the SC creates the most favorable atmosphere for fostering student leadership. Besides, we try to encourage the teaching staff to support student suggestions and activities.