Group photo

Back row (from left to right): Stepan Simonyan (retired), Stepan Hovhannisyan, Gabriel Hovhannisyan, Narek Jilavyan, Aram Serobyan, Vahe Tatosyan, Eduard Avetisyan
Front row (from left to right): Lia Yeghoyants, Anzhela Gasparyan, Iren Stepanyan, Arpi Janyan, Shahane Arushanyan


Eduard Avetisyan (President)

Eduard is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Computational Sciences. In 2014-2015 academic year Eduard served as the Undergraduate Student Council secretary. Eduard strives to have everything organized and done in the highest quality. He works as a Quality Assurance Engineer at BigBek LLC and as an SAT Math teacher at Lyceum after Anania Shirakatsy. Eduard’s hobbies are rollerblading, playing guitar and playing video games.



Aram Serobyan (Vice-president)

Aram is a senior undergraduate student, majoring in Computational Sciences (BS CS). He was born in Yerevan, studied in the USA for one year as an exchange student. It is the third time he is being elected to represent students in AUA’s Undergraduate Student Council. His hobbies are playing chess, writing and ice-skating. Aram is an optimist and an outgoing individual.



Shahane Arushanyan (Secretary)

Shahane is a senior student majoring in Computational Sciences. She is being selected as a Student Council member for the second time. Her hobbies are singing, playing piano, writing, drawing, ice skating and playing volleyball. She is a creative, organized and friendly person, who likes being spontaneous. Shahane believes that if people smile more and care for each other they will be able to find a solution to any problem. Her credo in life is that we can always find time for anything, all we need is a desire.



Gabriel Hovhannisyan (Treasurer)

Gabriel is a senior student majoring in Business. Being a part of the first generation of undergraduate students of AUA, Gabriel studies very hard and contributes all of his skills to the development of AUA community. He has been a part of very important events of AUA community, such as volunteer at AUA open houses, coach of team leaders of new student orientation. Currently, he is the founder of the “Volunteers League” student club and a work-study at the office of Admissions. Gabriel believes that social responsibility is the starting point in every work, as you are responsible for your actions, while being responsible for common actions.



Iren Stepanyan (PR-Manager)

Iren is a junior student majoring in English & Communications. She is very fond of reading, watching good movies, editing music videos, playing tennis and much more. She is also a fan of Japanese animation and video games and is the president of AUA Otaku Club. Iren is an open-minded person, who is always ready to accept new ideas and trends. She is very friendly and likes laughing and having interesting conversations with people.



Lia Yeghoyants (PR-Manager)
Lia is a second-year student majoring in Business. She was born in Yerevan,moved to Moscow for 5 years,came back but in 2013-2014 moved to US and studied there for a year. She believes everything in the world is art and that small things matter the most. She hates only lies. She has an extreme wanderlust for places she has never been to. Her dream is to form a charitable foundation and actually make a change. Loves sports(fencing,running,tennis), different kinds of music, fiction novels, and Mondays(yes I exist).



Arpi Janyan

Arpi is a junior student of undergraduate business program. She’s a part of AUA work-study program and currently works at the math and writing center as a writing consultant. She’s a perfectionist who likes having everything organized, but she also appreciates unusual and crazy ideas. Arpi is obsessed with traveling and loves exploring new cities.



Narek Jilavyan

Narek is a senior CS student. This year is the second time that he was elected to serve in AUA Undergraduate Student Council. His hobbies are movies, technology, psychology, music, and having adrenaline. This is not the complete list as Narek likes to do whatever he enjoy and is always open to try something new. Narek wants to make the time of students at AUA to be the most unforgettable time ever in their lives.



Stepan Hovhannisyan

Stepan (Aka Stefan) is a second year student majoring in Business. He was born in Yerevan. Apart from being sociable and having a lot of friends, he has a great number of hobbies. Volunteering, singing, traveling and creating are considered to be his most favorite ones. Stepan cherishes everything he has and gains. The first motto of his life is never giving up. Stepan is a positive thinking person who believes that ambition, confidence and especially his smile can bring him a huge success.



Anzhela Gasparyan

Anzhela is a third-year student majoring in Business. She is being selected as a Student Council member for the first time. She is a member of European Youth Parliament. She likes completing complicated tasks and for her, impossible is nothing. She’s always positive and can’t go a day without sharing a laugh with her friends. She thinks that everyone should take the best out of their lives and do their best to achieve their goals. Couple of things that she enjoys doing a lot are writing, listening to music and watching movies.



Vahe Tatosyan

Vahe is third-year student majoring in computational Sciences. He is being selected as a member of Student Council for the first time. He always finds a way to get out of a hard situation and finds an easy and creative way to complete a task. One of his hobbies is playing video games and he never misses a chance to participate in video games tournaments. He’s also very fond of cars and his dream job would be to become a racer. He has a good sense of humor and values the time he spends with his friends. He always dreams big and is confident in achieving his goals.



Gurgen Hakobyan

Gurgen is a senior student of English and Communications program of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. He was a member of AUA Undergraduate Student Council for 2013-14 and 2014-15 academic years also. His main goal is to contribute to any positive changes that will make Armenia a better place. He is also interested in aviation, law studies and football.